PM Shehbaz to address pre-budget conference tomorrow

ISLAMABAD:On Tuesday, a pre-budget conference on business, agriculture, and information technology will be conducted in Islamabad to educate the private sector and incorporate their useful comments.

The conference will be addressed by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who will be the chief guest.

The conference comes as Pakistan grapples with a devastating economic crisis, and the government expects that prominent businessmen, agriculturists, and IT specialists will be able to make advice on IT, agriculture, textiles, and exports, among other topics.

“It is the ambition of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to build a progressive, development, and people-friendly budget through increasing public engagement in budget creation,” the government stated in a press statement.

The government strives for a “inclusive pro-public budget that will lead the economy onto a higher, sustainable, and inclusive growth path,” according to the statement.

Inflation and economic instability are also expected to be on the conference’s agenda.

It should be mentioned that the government is presently planning the budget for the next financial year 2022-23, and the conference is an attempt to collaborate with the private, business, and governmental sectors to ensure that the budget meets their expectations.

The conference will give all stakeholders the opportunity to discuss, exchange fresh ideas, and offer recommendations on various sectors for inclusion in the upcoming budget, which is set to be presented on Friday (June 10).

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